Hello. I’m Lucy.

Helping people has always been my aim in life. I’ve worked within healthcare for 10 years, and spent 5 of those years as a mental health nurse. Seeing first hand the powerful relationship between body and mind I trained as a meditation instructor to help people learn to relax and improve their wellbeing. When I became pregnant I knew that hypnobirthing was something I wanted to explore.

I found a teacher and started to practice the techniques as soon as I could with my husband. This was our first pregnancy and I wanted to experience the right birth for me, for us, on the day. The more we practiced, the more confident and empowered we felt. There was no fear or anxiety, just excitement about the day we’d get to meet our baby.

Sadly our journey took a different path when we found out that our daughter would not survive after the birth. Shocked and heartbroken we knew that hypnobirthing was still the right thing for us. As labour started there was a calmness as I allowed my body’s natural instincts to take over. Our daughter Ellie was born sleeping and her birth was just beautiful. Music played, lavender filled the room and we spent precious time with our baby girl before saying goodbye.

I honestly don’t know how we’d have coped without the techniques we learnt. I knew that if I could hypnobirth, then anybody could and it got me thinking. I thought about all the women who spend their pregnancy resigned to the belief that childbirth is painful, scary and a necessary obstacle that must be overcome. 

Hypnobirthing isn’t about having a ‘natural’ drug free birth or one without intervention, it’s about having the tools and techniques to help you feel confident, empowered and knowledgeable so that you can make the right choices for you on the day.

I trained to become a hypnobirthing instructor so I can teach these skills and help empower you to trust your instincts. I absolutely love what I do and truly believe that every woman should be able to start their parental journey with a positive and beautiful birth experience.

I want to help you to look forward to your baby’s birth and feel proud no matter what happens on the day.  If you’re ready to discover hypnobirthing I’d love to meet you.

Hope to speak to you soon

Lucy xx